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Soft Sleeping Dog Bed

$62.35 $75.36
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Soft Sleeping Dog Bed

Soft Sleeping Dog Bed

$62.35 $75.36


Dog Bed is a warm, soft sleeping bag cushion designed specifically for puppies and kennels. This cosy bed offers a snug and secure spot for your pet to rest, with its soft and warming cushion providing comfort. The waterproof and anti-slip bottom ensures stability and keeps the bed in place, while the machine-washable fabric makes cleaning a breeze. The cushioned walls provide added support, making this bed perfect for dogs that like to curl up while sleeping.

Key Feature:

  • Warming Soft Sleeping Bag: The soft and plush material of this dog bed creates a warm space for your pet to nestle into, providing a comforting spot for naps and sleep.
  • Cushion for Extra Comfort: The included cushion adds an extra layer of comfort, allowing your pet to relax and enjoy their rest time to its fullest.
  • Perfect for Puppies: The small size and cosy design make this bed ideal for puppies, giving them a safe and secure place to rest and feel at ease.
  • Designed for Kennels: Because of its compact size and shape, it fits perfectly into kennels, providing your pet with a comfortable and familiar place to relax.
  • Easy to Clean: The bed is washable, making it easy to keep clean and fresh for your pet.

Material: Cotton