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Anti-Overflow Slow Pet Water Bowl

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Anti-Overflow Slow Pet Water Bowl

Anti-Overflow Slow Pet Water Bowl



Pet Water Bowl: Cat Dog Water Bowl Carried Floating Bowl! This innovative product is designed to Remove dirty spills with its anti-overflow slow water feeder dispenser. Made from durable ABS and PP materials, this pet fountain guarantees a continuous and controlled flow of water, ensuring your Pet stays hydrated and content. With its unique floating design, this water bowl is perfect for cats and dogs of all sizes, providing them with easy access to fresh water at all times.

Pet Water Bowl Key Feature:

  • Avoid wet saliva: This slow feeder has plates and water overflow holes, which can perfectly prevent pets’ mouths from being wet and yellowing.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean: The dual design of a waterproof frame and floating plate effectively prevents overflow. Pet drinking fountains keep the floor clean and tidy. The pet water basin is easy to disassemble and assemble, suitable for weekly cleaning, and cleaned to ensure the health of the pet.
  • Slow water intake: The design of the automatic adjustment floating plate can reduce the pet’s drinking water speed. Floating cat water basins can prevent pets from suffocating and vomiting
  • Perfect for all occasions, the excellent splash-proof design and bottom non-slip mat ensure that it will not overflow even on rough roads. It is suitable for various vehicle environments, including home, office, studio, outdoor travel, outings, and other activities.

Product information

  • Name: Pet floating water bowl
  • Colour: grey/white/blue/pink
  • Volume: 1.5L
  • Material: ABS & PP

Packing list

Water bowl *1