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Interactive Dog Soccer Ball

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Interactive Dog Soccer Ball

Interactive Dog Soccer Ball



The Interactive Dog Soccer Ball is a fun and engaging toy for your Dog. This soccer ball is designed to keep your dog entertained and active, encouraging exercise and playtime. With its unique design, the ball can bounce and roll unpredictably, keeping your dog on their toes and providing mental stimulation.

Product Features:
  • Super Creative: Unique frisbee ball design. It can be flattened from a sphere to a frisbee, thrown, and automatically bounced off a sphere within 3 to 5 seconds during flight. It is easy to throw, throws far, flies high and has good flight performance. You can use it as a dog ball or a dog frisbee toy, I’m sure your dog will love it too.
  • Interactive Training Ball:  You can throw the toy with your hand, kick it with your foot, and let your dog retrieve it. It can also be used for interactive water games when the dog swims outdoors, improving the bond between owner and dog.
  • Teething ball: The toy is surrounded by a cotton chew rope, which not only stimulates the dog’s interest in chewing the toy but also effectively removes tartar, food debris or dirt from the dog’s teeth, protecting oral health.
  • Easy to use and carry: It can be flattened and secured with a rope to fit in a bag, saving space and making it easy to carry.
Packing list: 

1x dog toy