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Dog Feeder Dispenser Funny Toy

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Dog Feeder Dispenser Funny Toy

Dog Feeder Dispenser Funny Toy



Pet Food Feeder Dispenser Funny Toy is a unique and interesting method to keep your dog used during mealtime. This dispenser is designed to make feeding time more enjoyable and exciting for your pet, encouraging them to play with their food playfully.

This entertaining toy is ideal for pets who eat fast or are easily bored. It can help them reduce their eating habits and avoid overeating.

Key Feature:

  • Treat balls discourage quick eating, limit the number of treats given to dogs, extend their feeding time, help them digest food more effectively, and maintain physical health. The toy delays the feeding process to help with digestion and bloating.
  • High-quality plastic is used to make this Pet Food Ball. It’s non-toxic and durable for your dog’s active fun.
  • Developed especially to improve IQ and mental stimulation for your dog and cat!
  • It increases IQ and mental stimulation; your smart dog can see, smell, hear, and find the snacks inside the toy. It could arouse the interest and appetites of dogs!

Package Content

1*pet food feeder